Day of the Steaming Pans

Thanksgiving oven

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is The Day of the Steaming Pans.

“Excuse me??”

Yep, Day of the Steaming Pans.

I grew up in a small town in Montana.  Every Thanksgiving, my grandparents would come to the Wild Wild West from “Back East” to visit, and spend Thanksgiving with us.  As if it weren’t exciting enough to have them come to stay, we would then have literally DAYS of preparation leading up to Thanksgiving.

I mean DAYS.

In my family, the day before – Wednesday – is known to this day as The Day of the Steaming Pans.  Our preparation would be at a crescendo on this particular day.  My grandmother and my mom would be up early, cooking, cutting, preparing, flying around the kitchen.  On every burner of the stove, there would be a pot steaming…. Full of boiling potatoes.  Creamed onions.  Green Beans.  Yams.  And on and on, all day….one pot would come off, another would go on.  I loved watching them, laughing, talking, tasting, and occasionally we’d get to try something.  Mmm, and the delicious smells coming from the kitchen were enough to make your tummy growl….

I’m busy this week planning and preparing for my Day of the Steaming Pans.  I wonder if this were a national holiday, if the stores would be closed??

What are your favorite memories of Thanksgiving?


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