Aloha, Nashville!

I’m off to Nashville in a couple days, for a weekend of fun and relaxation with my guy.  I’m compiling a list of “To Do’s,” or rather “To Go-to’s” or maybe “To-EATS,” and have started with this:

“Window” shopping at Two Old Hippies!  LOVE this place.  They have the BEST selection of fabulous clothing, jewelry, art, guitars, funny and eclectic books, etc.  If this sounds like a strange combination, trust me – it IS, on paper.  But when you walk into this place, it just WORKS.  And to top it off, they also have a stage in the place, with ongoing entertainment and open mic sessions for the seriously talented musical people who happen to pass through Nashville.  Anyway, I feel some good Christmas shopping coming on.

Rolf & Daughters is a new restaurant that just opened – they are “buzzing” about it HERE.  Has anyone out there tried it yet?

Since the weather looks like it will cooperate, it isn’t a complete visit to Nashville without a walk through Warner Park.  The paths through the park are lined with amazing – and very OLD – stone walls from the Civil War era, I find myself wishing they could talk and share stories from lives and experiences past.

A visit to Pucketts Restaurant and Grocery for (more!) great music, and of course for the fabulous Shrimp and Grits is definitely on the agenda!

Do we have our Sunday breakfast at The Pancake Pantry, or make the drive out to Loveless Cafe?  Either will involve a long wait, since they are both legendary for the amazing food that the South is known for.

What else needs to be on the list??  Do share!  I’ll be updating, and also checking for your suggestions!


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