Beginning All Over Again.

Can anyone out there relate to new beginnings?  After my recent unexpected exit from what was on a good day an extremely dysfunctional job, I am now starting fresh and am ready to create something fantastic.  I have told my husband, this time it is for the long term, and no matter what I do, I’ll work only for my clients and my family, and NOT for some crazy person!  Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Opportunities exist in new beginnings.  It’s a chance for clean and fresh.

I welcome new opportunities, as long as they align with my core values:  self-respect, honesty, kindness, fun, adventure, and last but not least, what I do every day will involve building people UP and not knocking them down.

Here’s to a new journey.  Cheers.




Beautiful view on a fall walk.








Today’s trending topics on Twitter got me thinking about this.  Something to ponder, for sure!

5 Things I Find Attractive are:

Someone who takes responsibility for their actions and choices….and doesn’t blame others.
A spirit of “Educability...”  Or, someone who knows they don’t know it all, and can always learn something from another!!  You know, “Educable.”  The adjective, not the verb.

And last but NOT least, my adorable husband!!  I know, I know; it’s THINGS I find attractive.  So to be fair, I find everyTHING about him attractive!  hehe!!


What’s in your top five?