Paris: Living Vicariously

My husband is on his way to Paris today, on a business trip.  *sigh…  I was left behind this time; while I’ve tried to be a good sport about it, truth be told, I’m pretty bummed out.

In the spirit of having a good attitude, I thought I’d live vicariously and take the chance to make a list of some of my favorite things about Paris.  You know, reminisce a bit.  Maybe this way, I’ll feel like I’ve been a part of the trip and not think about how depressed I am that he is going to Paris without me, for the first time ever!

Here are a few things that come to mind:

  • Starting the day with a perfect Cafe au Lait and Croissant at one of countless charming sidewalk cafes.
  • The Archaeological Crypt of Notre Dame:  I stumbled upon this one day as I was going to visit the cathedral, and it is truly amazing.  Among the 2000+ years of history, you see things like the remains of a house from Lutèce, the precursor to Paris, and ruins of the original streets and walls of Paris when it consisted of just Isle de la Cite.  Awesome and impressive; admission is FREE with a Paris Pass!
  • The oldest church in Paris, L’eglise St. Germain:  A sacred and moving place.  There is a spiritual presence I can feel, and the unique smell is something I wish I could bottle.  It restores oneself to sit down in one of the little chairs, and just “be” there.    The artwork is so beautifully inspiring and amazing, an added bonus as a feast for the eyes.
  • It’s hard to find words to explain standing beneath the Eiffel Tower, looking up.  The strength of the steel and the structure are truly awesome, the way the “legs” sprawl out sturdily and hold it up.  To see it from a distance (another favorite “Paris thing!”), and then from underneath, is…well…impressive, at least.
  • I love to climb the hill up to Montmartre, and stroll among the artisans’ booths and works, listen to the music, enjoy the sweeping views, and the air.
  • Strolling through the street markets on Saturdays hearing the language, admiring the amazing displays of cheeses, breads, flowers, scarves, and trinkets is food for my soul.

Ah…I could go on and on.  Anyway, as I dropped my husband off at the airport, I (shamelessly) reminded him that he couldn’t pronounce the name of the quartier where his hotel was located to the cab driver upon arrival, so how could he possibly get by without me??  He just smiled, asked me to leave it on his voicemail so he could play it for the driver.  The nerve!! 🙂



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